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Summary of Skills

Design & Layout
Front-end Development
Multimedia Production
Content Production
Digital Marketing


I'm Adrian Monjes, a web designer and producer based near Seattle, WA. While I am well versed in web and graphic design, I also have experience in content production and digital marketing.

 With interests in design, marketing and technology, my passion lies in helping clients develop and amplify their brand in the online space. I enjoy collaborating with others on a variety of projects and believe the best outcomes are achieved by meeting the needs of end-users and stakeholders alike. When embarking on a project, I focus on strategy first while allowing content and design to follow naturally in it’s wake. My design process is cyclical and consists of four phases: observation, brainstorming, prototyping and implementation.

My career has provided me the opportunity to work within a variety of industries including newspapers, radio and communications. I have enjoyed the opportunities each has offered and am always looking forward to taking on the next challenge. While I am inspired by a variety of sources, the following quote by Gary Vaynerchuk is a message that aligns closely with my beliefs:

Every single company out there, where they know it or not, is a media company in addition to the business or product that they specialize in. 

This is a world where you don’t have to invest in a printing press, or a satellite, or a sales team in order to distribute your story anymore. Everybody is able to use the internet – or rather the tools being built on it like YouTube, Medium, Instagram, and Twitter – for distribution of their content. Over the next decade, more and more people are going to come to realize this, be it companies or individuals. 

The faster your business realizes that it’s a media company, the more likely it will be to succeed in 2020, in 2025, in 2030…"

- Gary Vaynerchuk


Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you. To infinity and beyond!

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